Cloud Infrastructure Migration

Migrate your on-premise infrastructure with no disruption to your business.

With Cloud Computing becoming more widely utilized, it is important for organizations to understand ways to maximize benefits and minimize risks of a move to the cloud.The attributes most associated with cloud computing—rapid self-provisioning, automation, and capacity on-demand—offer something for both the business side and IT side of an organization. IT benefits from available, f|exible, and affordable computing resources. Business benefits from the ability to shift the balance.

From cloud assessment, our team works with you to understand your cloud need.From a capital expense model with a significant up-front commitment of funds to an operational expense model with a variable fixed cost aligned with business/IT needs.

The business benefits

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Virtualization is changing the IT model, shifting the focus from an IT support role to an active participant in the development of a winning business strategy.

Virtualization requires you to think about what you are trying to accomplish in fundamentally different ways. The one-to-one ratio of applications to servers is only one of the conventions that have been retired. Systems that would have taken weeks, if not months, to deploy in the physical world can be deployed in hours in a virtualized environment. The implications of these changes are both profound and vastly desirable.

Benefits of Virtualization

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Cloud Hosting

Haitechdesign partners with tier 1 hosting companies to provide you with dedicated private cloud environment.

Hosting can be one of the most troublesome and time consuming tasks. Finding the right hosting company that can cater to your exact business needs can be a complicated, confusing process. We partner with a tier 1 hosting company to provide you with a dedicated private cloud environment. We manage your relationship with the hosting company on your behalf so as to effectively manage every vital aspect of your Ecommerce.

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Move your software solution in the cloud.

HaitechDesign offers an array of solutions related to SaaS. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows companies to innovate beyond their legacy enterprise applications without additional IT infrastructure and resources. Software as a service (SaaS) is a method of deploying software in a hosted or on-demand environment. Unlike the traditional method of purchasing software licenses, the software as a service software model allows for the software package to be rented or licensed for a protracted period of time. The SaaS software model offers a lower cost entry point and provides additional benefits such as reduced implementation time, limited need for technical support and infrastructure, and a more predictable expenditure cycle. Our team offers a wide range of services from out of the box Software-as-a-Service to custom Software-as-a-Service.

Some of the Benefits
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Today, Cloud-based Disaster Recovery is poised to challenge legacy approaches.

Historically, disaster recovery preparedness required substantial time and financial investment. For many IT professionals, disaster recovery (DR) was out of reach; for others, it was a burdensome task that often seemed like an expensive insurance policy. Today, cloud-based DR is poised to challenge legacy approaches and offer IT professionals a more flexible, cost-effective alternative. Instead of having enterprises buy resources in case of a disaster, cloud computing and its pay-per-use pricing model allows them to pay for long-term data storage while paying for servers only if they have a need to spin them up for testing or in the event of a disaster. This provides a significant cost reduction and removes several barriers to entry for many firms looking for faster recovery than what they can receive from tape.

The Business Benefits

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