Smart Builduing

The solution developed by Haitechdesign allows you to take control of your meeting room while simplifying the process.

Today’s commercial buildings contain more technology than ever before. Organizations must now be able to intelligently manage anything with a network connection, including AV, voice, data, lighting, security, HVAC and more. To accomplish this, all of these disparate systems must be networked, managed and controlled in a new way. Our State-of-the-art business automation packages put you at the edge of system integration, delivering complete building technology solutions. We provide a variety of touch-screen controls, which allow unprecedented control over each sub-system. We allow you to manage all the equipment within your business from a simple user-friendly interface.

Everything across the enterprise can be monitored, managed and controlled from a centralized dashboard, thereby increasing operational efficiencies, productivity and energy savings, while decreasing tech support cases and equipment downtime. The integrated network brings reliability to all technology in the building, and when all technology is reliable and intelligently connected, your employees work smarter, not harder.

Conference Room & Visual Collaboration With the many components that made up today modern conference room, TV, DVD, computer, Ipad, projector, smart board as well as the different connectors such as VGA, HDMI, DVI, component cable it is getting more and more confusing to display a simple PowerPoint presentation to the screen.

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Enterprise Wi-Fi

Is your WI-FI network Ready for BYOD?

Haitechdesign's wireless network can accommodate both residential and commercial facilities. Our deployment consists of hardwired infrastructure along with Access Point. We design highly reliable wireless networks and implement wireless solutions that provide the best signal coverage strength, using as few access points as possible, and providing the maximum data throughput.

Wireless Solution Offerings

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Digital Signage & Videowall

Digital signage is the industry term for using digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma, and LED displays to communicate with a target audience.

Either non-interactive or interactive, digital signage breaks through the clutter and engages your audience.

Benefits of Digital Signage
Some of popular applications include

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Enterprise Mobility Management

With the BYOD Smart Solution, you can help secure access to data, applications, and systems with a single policy management plane across your organization.

Enterprises are increasingly moving towards BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for IT productivity. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets market in the recent years has introduced a record high number of connected devices to the Internet and BYOD is one of the most important trends that question enterprise networks. The concept of BYOD is quite simple: allowing employees to supply their own devices, thereby increasing their satisfaction and hopefully reducing capital and operational expenditures.
Our BYOD Smart Solution provides a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network. Our solution enhances user experiences and productivity. We provide the necessary infrastructure needed to deploy and integrate BYOD into your network. From providing security for the application, the data, the network and also enabling remote user security . We provide vendor-independent solutions, and our supporting services include BYOD Health Checks, Network Health Checks, Wireless Health Checks, Security Policy Development, Acceptable Use Guidelines Development, and User Education Program Development.

Our solutions include

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